About Me: Jesslyn Garcia

My name is Jesslyn Garcia, I am from Santa Maria Tx. which is a really small town at the tip of Texas. I woke up to the most friendliest and caring people I have ever met. In that small town is when I began taking pictures and falling in love with my surroundings. I also began being interested in photojournalism because I love taking pictures and writing about my life. My hobbie is nowhere near anything to photojournalism though, I absolutely love to run. Running is my passion, hobbie, and favorite activity/sport. My future goal is to be a running coach with a group of kids that are dedicated to running and won’t slack off, and I want them to succeed and make sure that they don’t make mistakes that I made in my running years. I am a really nice and caring person and would always be happy to help with anyone’s troubles. 🙂


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