Why James Nachtwey is My New Hero

This photo is very dramamtic and timely. This photo was not biased at all and showed an image of truth. It shows what this man has to go through but his face looks so calm and serious. His face exprssion really shows how strong he is. This photo really inspired me on thinking anything is possible.

Jenni Whalen

I’ve been decidedly uninspired with my blogging lately (ok, let’s be honest – all summer!) but I’ve decided that it’s time to start writing again. So if you’re feeling bored, or looking for some reason to procrastinate, or are wondering what it’s like to live in Boston and attend Journalism school, stay tuned!

First, I’ll give you all a brief update on my life here so far. I’ve been here for about a month and I’ll start my third week of classes tomorrow. Journalism school is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I absolutely love everything I’m learning. I’m with people who have similar interests and I sit in class entranced every day because I honestly love the content. It’s refreshing, and I’ve learned more in two weeks than I thought I’d learn in an entire semester. I am exhausted when I go to…

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Thoughts on news, feauture and editorial writing.

I learned that a journalists’ story should have factual and new information. The story must be interesting for the reader to understand what is going on, that way they can share their own thoughts and opinions. You must learn to speak your own mind in order to be a journalist. Make sure you have the facts straight and give your opinion on what you think of the story. Also, they are nothing like the news. News is all about facts and extra things people probably don’t want to know. Journalism only states things that people want to know not things that are not that important to know.

Guest Blog Spotlight: Crystal Flores

I interviewed a very nice and caring girl today. Crystal Flores, she comes from a household of 9 people and was born and raised here in Harlingen Tx. as an only child in her family.  She has a couple of related hobbies like singing, writing poetry, art, and etc. She has a passion for music and enjoys singing classical, jazz, rock, and other related types of music. Her major goal is to be a part of something big in the music industry for any type of music. The college she would like to attend is Juliard, in New York for either broadway or Opra. That is the type of music that inspires her the most and it would be her major goal in life to be apart of the music industry.

To check out Crystal Flores’ blog, click here! http://crystalmotionless016.wordpress.com/

About Me: Jesslyn Garcia

My name is Jesslyn Garcia, I am from Santa Maria Tx. which is a really small town at the tip of Texas. I woke up to the most friendliest and caring people I have ever met. In that small town is when I began taking pictures and falling in love with my surroundings. I also began being interested in photojournalism because I love taking pictures and writing about my life. My hobbie is nowhere near anything to photojournalism though, I absolutely love to run. Running is my passion, hobbie, and favorite activity/sport. My future goal is to be a running coach with a group of kids that are dedicated to running and won’t slack off, and I want them to succeed and make sure that they don’t make mistakes that I made in my running years. I am a really nice and caring person and would always be happy to help with anyone’s troubles. 🙂